Dog Treat Frosting

Use an all natural yogurt dog treat frosting to finish your dog cakes made from the dog cake recipes available on this site.

Fido's Frosting, developed by, is an award winning yogurt frosting that is sugar free and contains no fat.

It is simple to use, like all original creations. Just follow the directions on the back of the package.

You can use this frosting in various ways:

  • for piping
  • for drizzling
  • for dipping
  • for spreading

Just be sure to use the exact amount of water called for depending on the function you need.

After you add the water to the yogurt powder, you stir. Quick and easy!

Fido's Frosting does well for spreading on a dog cake.  

Sugar free frosting for dogs

The sugar free frosting will dry hard and it will not melt or crack.

This frosting needs no refrigeration. When it dries and hardens, it will have a matte finish to it.

The yogurt powder in the package is a white color. It takes coloring very well, so you can make decorated dog treats and cakes with holiday themes and colors.

You can use sprinkles or edible glitter for decorated dog treats and cakes and these will set into the yogurt frosting.

If you like, you can add liquid flavors to it. It is also available in flavors. There is a cream cheese based version as well.

All of's frosting mixes are non-refrigeration necessary. This is a benefit that makes shipping dog treats and dog cakes easier and worry-free. A dog cake frosted with yogurt chips has to be kept refrigerated or the frosting will melt.

Because it is sugar-free, you can use Fido's Frosting to frost diabetic dog treats. Yogurt chips are not only hard to find, but also contain mainly sugar and fat, making them a poor choice for a diabetic dog treat.

Click here to read about Fido's Royal Icing For Dogs, another yogurt dog icing choice that is sugar free and needs no refrigeration:

Dog Treat Icing

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