Dog Cake Recipes

To get you started baking for dogs, we feature ten quick and easy dog cake recipes created by professional dog chefs and bakers.

Each dog treat recipe starts with the K9Cakery Cake Kit For Dogs.

Everything you need to make a dog cupcake is included in this kit, so that you do not have to spend time and energy running around gathering ingredients and trying to figure out how to put together the basic cake mix. has done it for you. All you have to do is open the package. It does not get any easier!

Each recipe calls for its own ingredients that you will either stir and/or fold into the basic mix. Pour the mixture into miniature cupcake liners placed in a miniature cupcake pan and bake.

Or, use a silicone dog cake pan to make paw shaped dog cakes if you so desire.

All of the ingredients are human grade, so feel free to taste the final product. Any of these dog cake recipes will make a cake for dogs and humans alike! You and your dog will be salivating over these dog treats - we guarantee it.

The cake mix can be adapted for baking in the conventional oven or the microwave, whichever you choose.

A package of Fido's Frosting, all natural yogurt dog treat frosting, is included so you can frost the dog treats after they cool.

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Featured dog treat recipes include:

1) Apple Dog Treats - Apple Cinnamon Whole Oat Cake for Dogs

2) Sweet Potato Cake for Dogs

3) Going Nuts For Dog Cake - a peanut butter dog treat recipe

4) Valentine Treats for Dogs

5) Chicken Dog Treats - Chicken Pot Pie

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes including the following:

6) Surprise Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

7) Chocolaty Peanut Butter Cake For Dogs - a carob flavored dog cake

8) S'mores Cake for Dogs

9) Bacon Dog Treats - Bacon Cheeseburger Dog Cake

10) Pumpkin Dog Treats - "Beggin' For Pumpkin" Dog Cake

11) Red Velvet Cake for Dogs

Click on the link of the recipe you wish to try, and it will take you to the page with the directions.

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