Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

These easy dog birthday cake recipes will help you get started with your dog bakery business. If you are not a professional, the ingredients and directions are easy to follow and require no baking expertise.

Surveys taken of dog owners indicate that at least half will celebrate their dog's birthday in some way. This means plenty of opportunity for you to stay busy in your new business.

The best way to get started is to start making birthday cakes for your friends' dogs.

Fun Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

The Surprise dog cakes are popular and fun choices especially for a celebration. When you check out the recipe, and see the photos of the finished cakes, you will understand why!

More Dog Cake Recipes

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The dog cake recipes featured here include all-natural healthy ingredients for dogs. We use K9Katie's All Natural Cake and Biscuit Mix for starters. It has all the dog-friendly ingredients you need to make a basic dough for cake for dogs. 

You don't have to spend time doing research on which ingredients to use because we have already done it for you!

You will enounter skeptics who have never heard of a cake for a dog. Can you believe it!

Take the opportunity to educate them. Offer them a piece of dog cake to try. (It helps to also offer a glass of champagne with the cake. After all, it is for a celebration.) Let them see that it isnot made from Alpo (which is what skeptics think.)

You are using human grade ingredients, and overall, it is probably healthier than the human cake they would choose for themselves. Dog cake mixes from can be used to make a cake for dogs and humans alike.

If someone needs help figuring out their dog's birthday, use these real answers we received when we asked some people how they found out the date (when the dog didn't want to reveal his age)...

  • "All dogs have birthdays on the first of the month, so just pick a month."
  • "I use April 1st because my dog acts foolish."
  • "My dog and I celebrate our birthday's on the same day!" 
  • "August doesn't have much going on for holidays so I gave my dog an August birthday. It makes a great reason to have a party."

Don't worry. Your dog won't debate you about the date!

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