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Dog Cake World is a dog lovers' community website supported by, the world's leading dog bakery supplies manufacturer.

We are your one-stop shop to make it quick and easy for you to customize dog treat recipes for cakes for dogs, dog birthday cakes, dog biscuits, pupcakes, and other popular dog treats.

By using this website, you become a member of the DCW Community. This Community is made up of professional dog chefs and bakers of homemade dog treats.

Recipes created by professional dog chefs are posted throughout the pages and serve as the center of our community.

In addition to the professional recipes, we know that our Community members have their own excellent recipes for dog treats. We encourage you to share your unique recipe twists in our forums with the Community.

Please tell your dog lover friends about this Community. More members means more recipes, which means more fun for you and your dog. developed a dog-cake-kit that provides all-natural basic ingredients for a healthy and tasty dog cake that can be further customized through the recipes that you will be able to find by becoming a member of this community.

How do you become a member?

Great news! As always, membership is FREE!

There is no charge, no sign-up, no sign-in, no sign-out, no user names, and no passwords required for membership. All you have to do is what you are doing now - surf our website.

If you feel you have something to contribute to our forum, then please do so to help our Community grow. That is all we ask!

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To see images of beautiful cakes for dogs and other original dog treats, follow us on Pinterest. We add to these boards regularly so that you can see the latest ideas and creations from independent dog bakeries and other homemade dog treats from dog lovers who just love to bake.

Tune in on YouTube for information on how to make dog treats:

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